Wendy Williams Brother Calls Her Trash, Claims She Has Banned Her Son From Entering Her Home

The family drama continues for Wendy Williams. While the talk show host has been dealing with health issues that have put multiple projects on hold, there appear to be family issues behind the scenes. Her brother, Thomas Williams, is coming forward with claims that his sister is barring his nephew, Kevin Hunter Jr., from seeing her.

Wendy Williams began to face serious health issues in 2021, which caused her to take an unfortunate leave from her daytime television show, The Wendy Williams Show. During this time, The Sun reported that the relationship between mother and son had also been “strained” for some time. According to the publication, Kevin Hunter Jr. administered his mother an “ultimatum” to “fix herself,” threatening to pull away from her life if she wouldn’t.

Soon, multiple reports emerged that Wendy Williams had checked into rehab for her issues. But unfortunately, rumors also swirled that the media maven’s mental health was severely deteriorating.   However, the talk show host’s brother, Tommy Williams, spoke with The Sun to debunk those claims. The Florida resident claims the family did not notice anything of the sort happening with his sister. In addition, Williams assured the publication that the family was in frequent contact with Wendy Williams and “routinely” checking on her in New York.

As Wendy Williams continued to recuperate, Kevin Hunter Jr. often shared updates about his mother’s health on his social media pages. In January, he provided a moment where the talk show host seemingly looked healthy as she prepared to eat a plate of food and sipped on what looked to be a smoothie during a Florida visit. 

Tommy Williams has also been giving updates to Wendy Williams’s fans through his social media. He also has defended his sister from critics who claim that she is unfit to take the reins of her career or manage her finances.   This differs from when Wendy disputed Tommy’s claims that she did not attend their deceased mother’s funeral. During a past talk show episode, Wendy emotionally criticized her brother for his allegations and detailed much of the funeral’s experience.

But regarding Wendy Williams’s recent updates, her brother is changing his claims that she’s been doing well. Tommy Williams stands firmly in support of his sister. However, he mentioned that she was “struggling” with her health.”No, she is not the Wendy that we all knew,” he stressed in a recent Youtube video. He went on to state that it was very “sad” and “heart-wrenching.”

In another recent video uploaded to Youtube on July 17, Tommy Williams seems to change his tune about her mental state. First, he began speaking on Wendy’s birthday and said it should be a “great time for family.” But instead, he began to talk about more issues with Wendy Williams and stated that it’s “not looking good.” Tommy Williams also says that Wendy is also hurting her son, who he claims is in New York, attempting to spend “what could be a monumental time with his mother if she opens the door.” Her brother continues to speak about her appearance and reveals that Wendy is “selfish” and has been “dragging her son.” Watch the full video below to hear Tommy further expose his sister as he says he can no longer bite his tongue and calls her “trash.”

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