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Wendy Williams Fans Are Calling For Investigation Into Talk Hosts Finances

The status of Wendy Williams and her ongoing health issues has been a topic of concern for fans. For months now, people have been wondering if she will ever return to her famous purple chair. Unfortunately, that has yet to happen, and any reports about her current status seem to all be hearsay. The latest report is that Williams has been cut off from her bank accounts, allegedly at the request of a financial advisor.

Lori Schiller is a New York City-based financial advisor for Wells Fargo. Their site lists her as an employee at their brand on Avenue of the Americas. Her profile states that she is committed to helping individuals make informed decisions about investments.

Lori is reportedly a former advisor for Williams and overseas her massive fortune which is housed at the bank. Former, because Williams reportedly fired her not too long ago. Unfortunately, it’s being stated that Schiller had all of William’s accounts frozen, and right now, the daytime talk show host has no access to her own money.

“Wendy Williams had fired this lady as her financial advisor,” said a Twitter user. “Then the lady told @WellsFargo to freeze Wendy’s bank account AND THEY DID IT. Investigate Lori Schiller,” they continued. They followed this up with “Wendy has not had access to her funds for over two weeks. she cannot pay her mortgage, spousal settlement payment, nor her employees.”

Reports on different sites claim that Wells Fargo thinks Williams is being extorted, which is why they froze her accounts. Williams filed court documents asking for a judge to intervene. The petition states that Williams stands to suffer “irreparable financial harm” if they do not grant her access to her money. She is at risk of losing her home.

The documents also state that Lori Schiller restricted access to William’s accounts after noting that the former radio host was “unsound.” Schiller and the bank seem to feel that Wendy is the victim of “undue influence and financial exploitation.”

Court documents note that Wells Fargo fully supported Schiller’s decision to freeze the accounts citing her 23 years of experience. Lori has been picking up on “tell tale” signs that someone is manipulating Williams and that her money is in danger. The bank is looking to work with Williams and are even offering to issue payments to creditors for bills that she has a history of paying from these accounts but are not granting her back full access until they complete their investigation.

This is the latest in a long, long line of issues for Williams. As you recall, she had to postpone her 13th season of the Wendy Williams show last fall due to health issues. Williams suffers from Graves Disease and was also impacted by the Covid-19 virus. Eventually, her show was forced to move on without her, calling on the help of several other celebrities to fill in while people waited to see if Wendy would return.

During that time, she stayed mostly quiet, with the exception of some images released of her in a wheelchair looking really sick. Reports have not been well, with some people claiming she is incapacitated and will not be able to walk again. Around the holidays, her brother refuted some of these claims, stating that Williams was well and he was hoping she’d be able to fly out to Florida to spend time with the family.

A reporter did catch up with her exiting a wellness center in Miami where she declared, “Wendy is doing fabulous!” She has not been seen since, however. In her absence, Sherri Shepherd and Leah Remini have stepped up amongst several others, taking turns hosting her show. It’s being reported that Sherri is shortlisted to take over indefinitely for Williams if she does not return. While reports initially stated that she did not have William’s blessing, some are now saying she does, and Wendy prefers her to hold it down till she returns.

Other reports are saying that Shepherd may stay on beyond season 13 with the show becoming hers (pending a name change.) Until that announcement is officially made, Sherri will be back hosting the show for a week at the end of this month. Michael Rapaport will also fill in for a few days followed by Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Bevy Smith and Terrance J.

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