Wendy Williams No Longer Obligated To Pay Kevin Hunter Alimony According to Lawyer

Wendy Williams’s finances are becoming more clear to fans as her ex-husband Kevin Hunter fights for alimony, and son Kevin Hunter Jr. struggles without the safety net of The Wendy Williams Show. Much fuss has been made about Williams’s health and why all of her accounts were frozen at the top of this year. Recent court documents also help bring clarity to the divorce settlement between Williams and Hunter.

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter were a powerhouse team. She was the talent and mouthpiece while he took care of business behind the scenes and protected Williams from all her enemies. Her line of work meant someone always wanted to beat her up, and Hunter became her muscle. As her empire grew, he also stepped into the role of her manager and executive producer of the talk show.

Hunter had been carrying on an affair for much of his and Wendy’s marriage, and when he got his mistress pregnant, it became clear he could no longer live his double life. Hunter left Williams to be with the other woman, and Williams’s empire crumbled shortly after. It is reported she turned to substance abuse to cope and was even placed in a facility by Hunter to “recover,” only to find out later that he put her there so she would not find out that his other woman was giving birth.

Wendy and Kevin did not have a prenup, but due to his involvement in the show, it was recently revealed that he was granted some alimony tied to the series. When Wendy fell ill in the fall of 2021, it became clear she was not returning to the show anytime soon. While the series carried on and even teased her eventual return, we are now finding out that they had been prepping to transition her out as soon as October of that year.

Court documents state that Williams’s contract had been terminated on October 15th, 2021. Around that same time, Kevin Hunter’s alimony payments were stopped. “On October 15, of 2021, [Hunter] was informed by Talk WW that [Wendy Williams] contract was being suspended and that no compensation shall accrue or be payable to plaintiff for the duration of plaintiff’s disability and incapacity.” According to the terms of their divorce, had Williams continued on to another program that paid her equal or more to The Wendy Williams Show, then she could resume payments to Hunter. Unfortunately, that has yet to happen.

In addition to her contract being suspended, Wendy also had all her accounts frozen in January following claims she was being taken advantage of. It was reported that her son ran up over 100k on her AMEX card and that she is no longer speaking to him. He is currently being evicted from his million-dollar pad in Miami due to unpaid rent. Kevin Sr. took to social media to reveal his home is also on the line, and he is at risk of foreclosure due to not getting any money from Williams. He also recently did an interview taking credit for Wendy’s success and alleging that they should have divorced 10 years prior.

Wendy is still off the radar and has not released a statement about any of this.

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