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Wendy Williams Responds To Status Of Talk Show

Wendy Williams is back on social media and speaking out about the alleged ending of her show. The daytime diva has been off the radar for almost a year, during which time news outlets have run wild with stories about her health and the future of her show. Williams resurfaced this week with a new IG account to defend herself from false statements and stories.

Williams’ health issues derailed her 13th season of The Wendy Williams Show from airing on time last year. It was pushed back for several months. While she’s been off healing, production decided to bring in a handful of guest hosts to fill in for her and keep fans busy. This included Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Leah Remini, Michelle Visage, and Terrence J. Sherri Shephard has been an undisputed favorite amongst fans and producers, so it was no surprise when The Wendy show returned from winter break without its namesake, rumors began to surface that Debmar-Mercury would be considering moving out without Wendy Williams.

This week those rumors seemed to be confirmed as sources close to production began to leak information about the show’s handoff to Sherri. Some reported that Williams’ show would be canceled in June officially, with the staff being rehired for a Sherri Shephard show debuting in the fall. This was also egged on by rumors that people behind the scenes were tired of Wendy and that she had become impossible to work with prior to falling ill last summer. She had reportedly been verbally and even physically abusive towards some. Everyone on the team are reportedly welcoming the change and happy for it.

Hardcore Wendy fans were not so happy and began rallying for her to return to her radio roots with a podcast of some sort once she was back healthy. Many pointed to the success of Joe Rogan and how iconic Williams’s radio days were as a sign that this should be her logical next step. When she began posting videos of herself up and mobile on a new IG account, this made people even more hopeful that she might return to her show or some version of it.

Today, Howard Bragman released a statement on Wendy’s behalf referring to the future of her show. Bragman spoke with People Magazine and said that Wendy was onboard with the changes and understood why they needed to happen. According to Bragman, Wendy is grateful to Debmar-Mercury and Sherri for supporting her as she healed. Williams reportedly understood the business behind the decision to move on without her and was told that once her health was back on track, Debmar-Mercury would offer her a slot back on television.

Wendy did not authorize this statement and took to her new IG to let fans know she is the one who will speak on her behalf. Wendy says that she appreciates and respects Mr. Bragman immensely, she did not give him permission to make a statement for her. She thanked everyone for their continued support and concern. At writing, she has made no further statements.

Do you think Wendy is actually onboard with her show being handed over to Sherri Shephard?

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John Davidson
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