Wendy Williams Son, Kevin Jr. Hasn’t Heard From Her In Over A Month, Not Sure Where She’s Been Since Leaving Rehab

Wendy Williams’s health continues to concern fans and family as the former Daytime talk show host has spiraled in and out of hospitals and rehab. While it seemed she was heading towards a comeback of some sort, things have since stalled after some puzzling interviews and erratic public appearances. Well, now her son is reporting that he was not heard from his mother in over a month, making everyone even more scared for her well-being.

Wendy Williams’s journey to motherhood is well documented. Before taking over daytime, Wendy was a staple in radio and growing her empire. After meeting husband, Kevin Hunter, Williams got to work having her dream family. Unfortunately, this would not be super easy for her as medical conditions made it difficult for her to carry a baby to full term. This devastated Williams, and she opened up about the ordeal in several interviews, declaring she had two miscarriages at five months each.

Eventually, Williams was able to have a child, son Kevin Jr. She has always been very close to her son and spoke fondly of him over the years. It is believed that Williams stayed with her husband to provide her son a “complete” household despite Kevin Sr.’s obvious cheating and abusive nature. Eventually, the marriage would end once it was revealed that Kevin had a child with the woman he had been secretly dating for almost a decade.

Through Williams’s spiral and fall from grace, her son has been a constant. Some sites paint him in a good light, claiming he was the one who threatened to call the police when Williams’s handlers would not let him come up to his mother’s apartment during a trip home from college. Others blame Jr. for Williams’s mounting debt and bank issues. Wendy’s accounts were all frozen at the top of this year after it was revealed that someone was misusing her funds and spending all her money. Son Kevin emerged as a suspect, with some outlets reporting he ran up her American Express card by almost 100k. Fans also noted his mother did not follow her son on IG after this.

Williams has been in rehab recently, as it was clear she has been abusing some kind of substance from her cringy interviews over the summer while trying to promote a podcast. Williams is said to have been abusing alcohol and had already had stints in rehabilitation centers in Florida and New York. Sources claim her former production company was to blame for her substance abuse because they never forced her to get help if it required her to step away from the show. “Debmar would not support Wendy’s recovery efforts with the family,” Hunter Sr told Page Six July. “They would not sign off on anything that would’ve helped her recovery efforts.”

Williams’s latest stint in a California Rehab has finally come to an end, but the mogul has yet to make contact with her son since getting out. They reportedly spoke while she was checked in, but she has ghosted him since. The 22-year-old is in his last year of college and gave his mother a choice last year between him and addiction.

It is unclear why she is not speaking with him now. The former TV Host is preparing for the launch of her podcast show.

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