“What Do You Want From He?”: Orlando Brown Has An Emotional Breakdown During Interview

Orlando Brown is continuing to spiral. The former Disney Channel star has been raising eyebrows for some time now, as apparent drug abuse and mental illness have deeply impacted him. Despite stints of trying to get better, he is clearly back in a bad space if a recent interview is any indication. In this latest video, the actor spirals into an emotional breakdown while discussing the obstacles he’s currently facing.

People have been pleading with Orlando Brown to get help for a while, and for a time, it seemed he was on board. The Major Payne star sat with Dr. Phil a few years back at the request of his close family and associates. While talking with the television doctor, Brown displayed even more erratic behavior while making claims about being the son of Michael Jackson. One of many random outbursts Orlando Brown has been recorded making throughout the years. In the end, Phil and his camp were able to get Brown into a facility where it seemed like he was getting better.

Unfortunately, he began to resurface in some troubling interviews speaking crazy again, bringing up old beef with Soulja Boy and alleging to having intimate relationships with Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow and Snoop Dogg. Bow Wow fired back immediately, denouncing Brown and claiming he was too busy to entertain him. This has not stopped Orlando from continuing to taunt people and people from continuing to interview him for views.

Over on Twitter, many folks are over Brown getting exploited for clicks and want him to get help. “Interviewing Orlando Brown, who is clearly dealing with mental illness or substance abuse issues for views is corny,” said one person. “Not one clip of anyone asking. ‘Hey, are you alright, man? Do you need any help?’ Exploiting mental illness is shameful. We can do better,” they continued. Others feel the same way and have said things like, “Orlando Brown clearly needs help, and y’all keep putting a mic in his face. God forbid something happens, and all the same, people gonna be in ‘Shock.'”

“I’ve always rooted for Orlando Brown. I love his music. I love his acting skills. But the man needs help, and people only book him to laugh at him. When he sobered up, he didn’t get this kind of coverage. Hope he shake back,” said one person over the summer when Orlando began doing a series of sitdowns with Cam Capone.

Capone is not discouraged and had him back this week. He got his money’s worth as a clearly disoriented Brown had a full five-minute meltdown saying a lot of really scary things. He kicked it off declaring that he was alive while crying and rocking back and forth. He declared that everything he had been saying for months came true without elaborating. He continuously talked about “they” with no explanation.

Brown claims that “they” violated his wife and kids. “They” also bombed Iran and pimped his mother. The truly disturbing display goes on for minutes as Capone watches off-camera. One person thinks that Cam is actually doing Orlando a favor and says, “yeah, he owes cam a big thank you for bringing him out of obscurity and putting him back in front of the public.”

We’re not sure what’s going on with Orlando Brown, but wish him the best. We also hope people would stop interviewing him and attempt to get the former child actor the help he needs.

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