What Is Joseph Sikora’s Net Worth?

You may know him as “Tommy Egan” from Starz’s monster series, Power. You may have come across his new television series in which he stars in, Power Book IV: Force. You also may have heard that the latest addition to the Power Universe drew in highly impressive numbers for a debut show and was a ratings winner for the network. All of these things would perhaps make it easy to assume that the actor who plays Tommy Egan, Joseph Sikora, is rolling in some big bank. But before you let your mind run off into believing Joseph Sikora is wealthy, he wants to set the record straight at his net worth.

The Chicago-born actor has been portraying the role of Tommy since 2014 when we were first introduced to the Courtney Kemp created series, executive produced by 50 Cent. Prior to that, Joseph Sikora appeared in films like Shutter Island, Safe, and Jack Reacher. He also performed in a plethora of television shows such as Third Watch, CSI: NY, Grey’s Anatomy, Boardwalk Empire, and The Heart, She Holler.

But Joseph Sikora’s presence on television has been more of a mainstay thanks to the original Power and its spin-off, where he is reprising his role as the main character once again. Power Book IV: Force reportedly amassed over 3 million viewers across platforms and even bested other shows like The White Lotus.

It is more than evident that fans can’t get enough of Tommy Egan or Joseph Sikora, for that matter. Recently, the actor was interviewed on The Wendy Williams Show, guest hosted by Fat Joe and Remy Ma that week. During their exchange, Sikora revealed that he’s constantly barraged by fans who refer to him as his Power character’s name rather than his natural name. Joseph Sikora explained that his disposition was to correct fans who addressed him as “Tommy” by letting them know to call him Joseph during those moments. However, under the advisement of 50 Cent, he’s begun to let it slide more. Sikora likened the fan reactions to a “real investment” and claimed it to be a sign of love and appreciation.

Well, fans have been given the ability to get to learn and know a bit more details about Joseph Sikora. Suppose you have ever attempted to Google specific tidbits of information on the actor. In that case, you can thank Angie Martinez for doing a flash round of questions that people usually inquire about the Sikora on the search engine.

After Angie Martinez informed Joseph Sikora that he was the very first person to play their game, the two dove in. Joseph Sikora revealed some information about his personal life, like the fact that he is married, does not have any sisters as siblings, but has sisters-in-law. The actor also briefly revealed in the segment that he currently resides in New York City but refused to go into detail about what borough. But when Angie Martinez asked the actor about his net worth, Joseph Sikora simply responded, “Not as rich as you’d think!”

A quick google search claimsSikora’s net worth is estimated at roughly $3 million. Based on his’s new show Power Book: Ghost debut breaking STARZ ratings record, you can expect Sikora’s net worth to climb in no time.

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