What We Can Expect From Summer Walker’s New Album

Summer Walker is still Over It. At least that’s what she says, but her fans couldn’t be more excited about the news. Summer Walker has finally shared that her sophomore album, Still Over It, is dropping. Slated to be released November 5th, Still Over It seems to pick up where Summer Walker left off on her debut album. However, this go-round we’re sure that the “Playing Games” singer is coming with something different as since her debut she’s had more reasons to be over it, still.

Summer Walker first entered the scene with the release of her first project Last Day Of Summer in 2018. The project featured the singles “CPR” and Summer Walker’s breakthrough hit “Girls Need Love”. The latter would also get a remixed treatment with a coveted feature from Drake. Then, at the beginning of 2019 Summer released her first EP entitled Clear. The four-sound EP consisted of intimate live studio recordings, a departure from her previous music.

Finally, Summer Walker’s album was ready to be delivered in 2019. Over It was compiled of music produced in majority by London On Da Track. Fans would soon learn that the musical pairing also led to romance because, throughout the album’s creation, Summer and London began to develop feelings toward one another. Summer shared details of the on-again, off-again couple’s first date to her social media followers on her “galactawhore” burner IG account. The relationship would prove to be a bit tumultuous for the couple as battles with London’s other children’s mothers would be a constant for Summer. Other issues in their relationship would also find their way to social media for the world to see as well.

Their love, however, would spill over in the form of a child. This would be the first for Summer. On November 21, 2020, the singer shared a photo of herself with her hand to her pregnant stomach. In 2021, Summer Walker gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. However, the relationship between the singer and London on Da Track wouldn’t last, it seemed. On her Instagram Stories, Summer Walker shared that she had a desire to get everybody (perhaps London and his childrens’ mothers) to “get along like one big happy family,” but according to her, everyone turned on her. She then went on to promise that she would just “put it all on her album.”

More social media disputes would ensue between the two, with Summer also revealing that she was dealing with someone new. The singer shared this with a series of Instagram Stories that accused London of reaching out to members of her family with threats due to this man being around his daughter. Amidst the insults, Summer begged for someone to get with her ex-boyfriend so that he may leave her and her family alone.

With Summer’s promise of exposing London still fresh on the minds of her fans, they can also expect her to speak on her finding new love on her new project. Recently, Summer shared a picture of herself with her new boo, rumored to be LVRD Pharoah, out on a date.

Along with the photo, a seemingly happier Summer Walker shared her excitement of the thought of expanding her family with him. “Can’t wait to have a real family & a actual happy pregnancy experience but I gotta drop this album first,” she captioned the series of photos.

Summer Walker fans surely have a lot to look forward to on her new project. Outside of the content, which we’re sure Summer is going to get very candid with, the singer revealed a list of possible collaborators. She’s been in the studio with Omarion, Pharrell, Diddy, and a few other high-profile artists and producers. Walker recently revealed that she was originally going to announce her album release at the BET Hip Hop Awards, but she will not be attending due to COVID restrictions. To help promote the album, she released a trailer that stars JT of the City Girls. Check it out below.

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