What’s Going On In Ray J’s Life That Has The Him Wanting To End It All?

Ray J. is going through a tough time right now. The R&B singer turned reality television star is always known to be wrapped up in some drama. Drama helped him become a tabloid darling following his adult tape with Kim Kardashian. While Kim has managed to become one of the most powerful women in entertainment and fashion, Ray J seems to still be trapped in the world of Love & Hip-Hop, fighting to create some new relevancy outside of the series. 

It’s been a rough few weeks for Ray J, as he’s been trying to expose the Kardashian for orchestrating his and Kim’s breakout moment. According to Ray J, Kim’s mother Kris had them shoot several videos and choose the one she thought was the best for her daughter’s image. He then exposed Kim for forging his signature in the paperwork that eventually led to a deal with Vivid Films. He told Charlemagne Tha God that the explicit video is still making him money till this day. 

Ray J is unhappy with The Kardashians and claims that they have been trying to slander his name in the media, and he plans on taking legal action. I’m gonna make some legal stuff happen,” Ray J confirmed on Hell of a week.  In addition to his Kardashian beef, Ray J is also reportedly beefing with his baby mother, Princess Love. They filed for divorce earlier this year, and Ray J got his own apartment in Miami. He claims that Princess left him alone in the hospital to battle pneumonia, and he felt abandoned. 

Ray J was really going through it and posted some trouble stories that alluded to him wanting to harm himself. He expressed his desire to jump from a high building but was eventually talked down by his estranged wife. He was reportedly drunk when he said, “SHOULD I JUST JUMP off and end it rit. Now!!! ????'” He later says that his only reason for living at the moment would be his kids. He has since deleted the posts but fans are nonetheless still concerned for him. 

Ray J’s sister Brandy came to his aid sharing a throwback of the siblings on her Instagram page. In the caption, Brandy tells her brother she needs him in attempt to console him during this difficult time. Fans shared similar sentiments sending love and prayers to the family. “Sending love his way. He’s so overwhelmed with life. I keep telling people money don’t make you happy. I’m going to hope he heal,” one fan stated.

Ray J has not spoken on the post since deleting it, but he has shared IG stories from family and friends praying for him. R&B singer Sammie and his ‘RSVP’ group members shared a story asking fans to send love to their brother. Chris Stokes also dedicated a post to the reality star and singer. Ray J’s Princess Love has yet to address the situation.

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