What’s The Appropriate Age For Kids To Have Cell Phones? Mariah Carey Doesn’t Think It’s 8

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are an exception when it comes to co-parenting. The former married couple has been separated for a few years now but seems to keep a pretty amicable relationship when it comes to their kids Monroe and Moroccan. Nick now hosts his own self-titled daytime talk show and is using the new platform to discuss how he and Mariah parent their twins and some of the conversations they have had, including getting the kids cellphones.

Nick is making waves with his new talk show. Filmed in Harlem, The Nick Cannon show is rumored to be taking Wendy Williams coveted spot as she has been having some health and personal issues that might be derailing her show indefinitely. Prior to Daytime, Nick has done some impressive hosting jobs in other time slots. His comedy show Wild ‘N’ Out has been a staple on MTV for over a decade. He also hosted America’s Got Talent for awhile before joining The Masked Singer.

Nick substituted for Wendy Williams on several episodes of her show in the past when she couldn’t make it, and people seemed to really like his energy in that type of show format. Instead of Hot Topics, Nick does What’s Poppin, where he covers current events. Recently a clip from his upcoming debut show surfaced online. During the ‘What’s Poppin’ segment Cannon asked his audience “what age is the right age to get a young child a cellphone?”

After a couple funny answers from the crowd, he opened up about his own experience with his elders kids, twins Monroe and Moroccan. For the twin’s 10th birthday Nick decided it was time for them to get cellphones. This was an issue because when the topic first came up around their 8th birthday mother Mariah was not here for it.

Nick Explains that while he did not mind them having phones, ex-wife Mariah was not ready for the kids to start googling their parents. “I was all for it but Mariah was like, ‘Uh huh they aren’t going to be Googling us, learning about all their new brothers and sisters, no we aren’t playing.'” While he agreed with her at the time, he reveals that his feelings quickly shifted coming closer to the kid’s 10th birthday. He said that during their birthday party he dropped off two boxed and told the twins “I’m going to leave these right here and tell your mama I’ll be back.” He laughed and stated that Mariah is still upset with him to this day. The twins celebrated their 10th birthday this past April.

It’s no surprise Mariah Carey is no fan of her children having access to smartphones due to online trolls and obsessed fans. Last year, Mariah and Nick’s son, Morrocan, had to set a fan straight when they crossed the line and telling ‘his fans’ to stop asking him personal questions before his mother makes him delete his account. The 10-year-old responded, “First of y’all, I don’t know who you are; you don’t need to worry about me. And Second of all, my mom wouldn’t do that, so please don’t do that. I like actually answering comments and replying to them. So, And my life is none of your business no offense, I’m just saying.”

In particular, cell phones and social media continue to be touchy subjects for parents of young kids. Often, parents struggle with deciding the proper age for underage children to have access to social media and cell phones. Mariah Carey may have reason to worry about her 10-year-olds. Especially, beings kids of public figures, there is a lot they could stumble upon that could be harmful to them at such a young age.

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