What’s The Status Of Wendy Williams And Son, Kevin Hunter Jr.’s Relationship Following Divorce

Wendy Williams is still far from ok it seems. The daytime star has been battling health issues for the better part of the year now. The status of Williams’ show continues to be up in the air as various other people have filled in for her while she tries to recover from a bad combination of things. It is now being revealed that Williams son Kevin Jr. might be stepping in and giving his mother some tough love, as it’s being reported that she might have some issues not yet revealed to the public.

Rickey Smiley’s co-host Gary With Da Tea took to the radio show to drop some alleged tea about Williams and her son. According to Gary, Wendy Williams’ health has continued to fail. In a last-ditch effort to save his mother, Kevin Jr. has apparently told her that if she does not get the help she needs he will no longer be a part of her life.
Their relationship has been reportedly strained for a while now, with Wendy’s very public divorce from his father, Kevin Sr., possibly playing a role.

Kevin Jr. has been by mom’s side, however, helping her with healing and getting around. Wendy is rumored to have a complete evaluation coming up to assess her mental and physical condition. Gary speculates that Kevin Jr. may be pushing for some type of intervention and believes Wendy’s issues are more significant than what we already know in the media.

The co-hosts chimed in and believed this might be good for Williams and that if she loves her son, she will listen to him.Wendy’s son appeared to be with his mom for an extended period of time this fall, before dipping off for a week of fun back in October. Kevin Jr. was spotted all over Los Angeles partying it up before returning to Florida where father Kevin Sr. lives with his new woman. He also goes to school in Florida, and that is where a good chunk of Wendy’s family is. It is unclear what Kevin Jr.’s relationship is currently with his father. In June 2019, it was alleged Kevin Jr. had an altercation with his father.

Williams’ health issues are a mix of things. The daytime host has been battling graves disease for some time now. She has also had other issues that resurfaced during her divorce from Kevin Sr. Things took a decline for her when it was reported she caught Covid-19 right before her 13th season was scheduled to kick off.

While many have tried to blame Kevin Sr. for Wendy’s spiral, a source close to the family has come forward defending him. “Everyone thinks Kevin has been the bad guy, and he’s done his fair share of terrible things, but this is why he’s always been so protective of her. Kevin didn’t want the world to see who Wendy really is. He was protecting his family.” The source reports that Kevin Sr. always kept Wendy’s circle very small for this particular reason. Now without him around, a lot of people in her camp have been enabling her so that they can keep their jobs. They also alleged that she was drinking every day on the set of The Wendy Williams Show and that the only time she was sober was during her time in the sober living house.

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