Who Is Brittany Renner and How She Became A Social Media Influencer

Brittany Renner, who also goes by “Bundle of Brittany” on social media, is facing a ‘bundle of backlash.’ The social media influencer has been said by many to target men of a certain kind (i.e. “tax bracket). But many on social media are tired of her antics and calling Renner out for what they feel to be both a double standard and “predatory.”

Brittany Renner first began to gain traction on her social media as somewhat of a fitness instructor. Her videos, however, attracted more attention due to the flirtatious manner in which she would present herself. The Ocean Springs, Mississippi-native once opened up in a 2015 interview about her upbringing. Brittany Renner reflects on growing up in a family that was not “super-educated” and on time in college. After spending about 2.5 years in school, she discovered that she was not passionate about it and sought to make money to better her family. “Even when I was in college and I was out of school and kind of working job to job, I always kind of knew I wanted to be something greater and just really want better for my family,” Brittany Renner expressed. She further shared that she was not driven more or less by money or the business, but rather the ability to provide for her family.

While building her social media brand, Brittany Renner was romantically involved with Casey Therriault, a football player. But due to her rising popularity, their five-year relationship began to quickly suffer before ultimately ending. But things soon began to get crazier for Brittany Renner. An Instagram Live session in 2018 would find Renner revealing personal information that she had been intimate with quite a number of celebrity men.

This would then be followed up by the release of her tell-all book entitled Judge This Cover. The book was filled with details of her many excursions while protecting the identities of the men discussed. These men, however, have been speculated to range from Trey Songz to Chris Brown to Colin Kaepernick. Also included in the mix was rapper Lil Uzi Vert, who she dated in 2017.

In 2020, it seemed as though Brittany Renner was in the process of doing self-work in an attempt to better her life. She released a video on Youtube titled TIME TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH sans the glitz and glamour as a means to show her true self. She revealed that the character she was portraying online was unlike her while unearthing things about herself and taking accountability for her actions. A year later, Renner entered into a relationship with 23-year-old Charlotte Hornets NBA player PJ Washington. March 2021 would reveal that they were expecting their first child together. It would seem as though Brittany Renner had finally settled down and the self-work was in progress. Except, that would change a mere few months later. In May, the then-couple gave birth to a baby boy. However, the couple reportedly split shortly after, leaving Washington feeling played by Renner.

When the NBA player tweeted (and deleted), “You was faking it all along,” fans immediately surmised that Brittany Renner had returned to whom they had known her to be. Washington then became the brunt of Twitter’s jokes as news broke that he would have to pay a hefty monthly sum in child support to Renner. He has since denied those claims, but exposed that she has been keeping their son away from him.

In the midst of their turmoil, it appears that Brittany Renner remains unbothered. She’s gone back to her old ways and has been “back outside” attending various events, including and not limited to different sports events. While attending a football game in North Carolina last month, Renner posted a flirtatious picture with the caption “Hide your sons.” Perhaps she didn’t find what she was looking for there, because recently, Renner posted a photo that she was at Jackson State University with the same caption.

Some social media users found fault in this, however, as they feel she is plotting on her next victim. Noting the 30-year-old’s age, one Twitter user, in particular, highlighted the double standard in her statement. “Imagine the outrage if a grown 30 [something-year-old] man went up to a college campus and tweeted a pix of himself with the caption hide your daughters smh Just keep the same energy both ways,” they wrote.

Keeping her nature unbothered, Brittany Renner offered a response to the backlash claiming an 18-Year-Old is grown and if they both choose to be [intimate] it’s nobody’s business. Do you agree with the outrage against Brittany Renner?

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