Who Is Gabourey Sidibe’s Husband, Brandon Frankel? Everything We Know About Their Wedding

Gabourey Sidibe is a married woman. The Precious and Empire star has been quietly dating partner Brandon Frankel since meeting him during the pandemic on a dating app. The pair have been happily flaunting their love for all her followers to see, and even announced their engagement to fans. Gabby was keeping a big secret, however, and recently revealed on Live with Kelly and Ryan that she has actually been married for over a year now. 

Gabourey talked about the hilarious circumstances around her engagement. Brandon reportedly had plans to surprise her with a ring and a big “will you marry me?” display that she found a few hours earlier than she was supposed to. When Brandon teased her about “ruining” the proposal, Gabby confessed to him that she’d actually seen the ring three months prior and was just staying quiet about it.  She revealed that they shared a “family burner phone,” and while using it to take some pictures, she noticed two images in the gallery of the engagement ring. When the audience laughed about the burner phone, Gabby made it clear, “he will never cheat on me!” 

Ryan then turned the question to wedding plans and asked Gabby and Brandon (who was seated in the crowd) if they had any plans on tying the knot. “The thing about weddings is I don’t like them. Here’s an example of how much I don’t like weddings. I’m actually married, we got married over a year ago.” The crowd erupted in applause as Kelly tried to confirm if this was the first time Gabby had told the world. 

She went on to say that they got married at the kitchen table, “it was just us.” Ryan joked about being confused before congratulating the couple. Fans in the comments section were also happy for Gabby, with one saying, “they’re too precious.” Another person said, “I LOVVVVE THIS and you guys!!! Makes my heart SO HAPPY ❤️” 

Brandon is an executive at Atlanta Records and works in Web3. He celebrated their public announcement on his page, saying, “SURPRISE! I can finally call her my WIFE publicly! Since @gabby3shabby finally spilled the beans today on Live with Kelly and Ryan.” Gabby’s post received an out pour of support and love for celebrities like Malik Yoba, Kel Mitchell, Holly Robinson Pete, Arsenio Hall, and others.

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