Whoopi Goldberg Returns To The View Following Drop In Viewership

Whoopi Goldberg has stood the test of time. The acclaimed actress and television personality went through a recent rough period, coming under fire for some controversial remarks on The View, for which she serves as moderator. Despite her comments, many fans felt that the treatment Whoopi Goldberg received from the network was unfair. But, coming off of a two-week suspension from her hosting duties by the network, Goldberg has returned to the show, and she’s baring it all.

A conversation between the co-hosts of The View on Monday, January 31, caused quite a stir when the topic of the Holocaust arose. Then, they began to speak on “Maus,” a graphic novel banned by a Tennessee school district for its controversial content. Whoopi Goldberg referred to the tragic event as “white people doing it to white people” and claimed that the horrific events were not centered around race. Furthermore, the Academy Award-winning actress added that it was about “man’s inhumanity to man.”

Whoopi Goldberg’s comments almost immediately drew backlash from media members and users of social media. Noticing the criticism, the Nobody’s Fool” actress took to Twitter to apologize and attempted to retract her words. “I should have said it is about both,” said the show’s moderator. IGoldberg also stated that she’s always supported the Jewish community and that it will “never waiver.” Subsequently, she appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to further discuss the topic and another formal apology the following day on The View.

But it appeared that Whoopi Goldberg’s apologies were not enough for the ABC network, specifically ABC News president Kim Godwin. Shortly after, it was revealed in a statement that the Golden Globe-winning actress was suspended from The View, “effective immediately.” Kim Godwin stated that although she’s aware of Whoopi Goldberg’s apology, she’s been asked to “take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comment,” said Kim Godwin. ABC’s decision to suspend Whoopi Goldberg didn’t sit too well with some fans. Soon, the hashtags #BoycottTheView and #BringWhoopiBack began to trend on social media as fans considered her suspension a “double standard.”

“Don’t forget that [The View] suspended [Whoopi Goldberg] for her comments, which she apologized for, but they never once took action against [Meghan McCain] – who spewed #MAGA #Garbage every time she opened her mouth,” tweeted one Twitter user. Many other fans and supporters joined in solidarity to say that they would not be watching until Whoopi Goldberg returned to the moderator’s seat.

In addition, the Tony Award-winning actress drew support from her fellow View co-hosts. Journalist Sara Haines posted a heartwarming photo with the actress on her Instagram page amid the drama. Also, CNN commentator Ana Navarro, who serves as a regular host on The View, also spoke up in support of Goldberg, chalking it up to human error.   Michelle Collins, who is Jewish and formerly briefly co-hosted The View for one year, also voiced her support recently. While on her Sirius XM talk show, The Michelle Collins Show, Collins expressed that Goldberg was “one of the most supportive, nicest, people.”

Well, It seems like fans of Whoopi Goldberg held true to their word. According Daytime Broadcast Ratings for the week of February 7-11, 2022, the View hit season low in total viewers and key sales demo during Whoopi Goldberg’s suspension. Fortunately for the network, Goldberg returned to her moderator chair on Monday. During the beginning of the show, Goldberg addressed her suspension publicly for the first time. “Yes, I am back,” she triumphantly said. During her remarks, the Emmy Award-winning actress thanked all those who reached out to her and assured viewers that she “listened to everything everybody had to say.”

“I was very grateful,” she explained. Goldberg expressed her hopes that tough conversations will continue to be had, as she promised they would continue on the show. “This is what we’ve been hired to do,” she said. “And it’s not always pretty… But, it is an honor to sit at this table and to be able to have these conversations because they’re important.”

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