Who’s The Right Verzuz Challenger For Jay-Z?

Jay-Z is, once again, becoming the topic of conversation across social media. With multiple artists already competing in Verzuz, there have been cries for some other legends to throw their hat in the ring. However, fans of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee have always maintained that he should be a contender in Verzuz. This week, Jay-Z finally spoke his piece, and it would appear he’s uninterested in competing.

The Brooklyn-bred rapper and businessman had a conversation with Alicia Keys and Rob Markman on Twitter Spaces this week that has had the Internet going wild. Within the conversation, the “What It Feels Like” rapper prefaced his comments by stating that “everyone is amazing” and there was “no disrespect” intended. With that, Jay-Z boldly declared that “No one can stand on that stage with me. There’s not a chance in hell,” he said.

Jay-Z’s comments stirred up social media as many people questioned who could go against the acclaimed rapper. With over 125 million records sold and the most Grammy wins by a rapper at 23 and counting, the billionaire rapper has achieved what many other artists have aimed to do. But with all of the accomplishments, many other rappers whose fame and accolades don’t match up tend to believe they can, well, match up to him.

The latest rapper to challenge Jay-Z is 24-year-old rapper, Kodak Black. As a matter of fact, the Florida native is so confident he can beat Jay-Z that he created some very intriguing stipulations to get his attention. In a tweet, Black agreed to put up 15% of his catalog if Jay-Z defeats him. However, if he wins, he wants to become VP at Roc Nation.

Of course, Kodak Black’s challenge was met with a ton of criticism from Jay-Z fans. One user replied to the 24-year-old’s tweet stating, “That’s why they don’t take you serious you don’t even have 1 hit song to your name.” Kodak Black made his debut back in 2014 with his single ‘No Flockin,’ followed by his debut album ‘Painting Pictures’ in 2017, which reached number three on Billboard 200. His second album, ‘Dying To Live,’ went number one on Billboard 200, with the help of his first top ten single ‘ZEZE,’ which featured Travis Scott and Offset.

Although we’re 100% sure this match-up will never happen, Kodak Black is the first artist to gamble a percentage of his catalog in a verzuz match. Another rapper looking to battle Jay-Z is Future. Taking to Twitter on December 17th, the “Life Is Good” rapper tweeted his claim that all he does is “legendary.” He then boldly stated, “In the streets im bigger then jigga. Ima run me a B up easy.” Moments later, Future reposted commentary from Big Bank of the Big Facts podcast supporting Future’s claims that he can beat Jay-Z in a Verzuz battle.

While Kodak Black and Future have both called Jay-Z out publicly, one match many people would like to see is Hov vs. Drake. Although Jay-Z has many years over Drake in his career, the Canadian rapper’s influence and presence have been strong within the last decade. The “Way Too Sexy” rapper has been a mainstay on Billboard’s charts since 2009 and continues to break records with every release.

Lil Wayne could also possibly stand against Jay-Z. For years, he’s been in conversations with Jay as one of the greatest lyricists of all time. His chart success is one to rival as well, as he’s sold over 120 million records worldwide. He’s also the successful CEO of Young Money Entertainment with successful artists such as Drake and Nicki Minaj.

An unorthodox contender against Jay-Z that many have suggested is Beyonce. Being that she is his wife would make it an exciting and entertaining battle, but many would argue that Bey’s catalog could stand firm against her husband. Bey’s releases have arrested Billboard’s charts since her days in Destiny’s Child, and her singles and albums have, and continue to take the world by storm. Although Jay-Z made it clear that he seemingly has no interest in taking the Verzuz stage, it is safe to say that his presence would set the world by storm and perhaps be the biggest battle yet. So who do you think could go up against Jay-Z?

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