Why Are Da Brat and Nicci Gilbert Are Feuding Over Kelly Price?

Kelly Price has been discovered to be alive, safe, and sound. But the argument surrounding her being “missing” spilled over on to social media as some friends and family gave conflicting reports. There were others who felt as though Kelly’s name was being used in an “opportunistic” sense. Two people who are close to her, Da Brat and Nicci Gilbert, seemingly got into it surrounding her disappearance.

Around September 24th, reports began to arise that R&B and Gospel singer Kelly Price went missing. Noticeably, she had not posted since July 29th on Instagram, where she revealed that she had contracted Covid-19.

Kelly Price shared in her video update that she was “following doctor’s orders” during the rough stint, and at that time she had not been hospitalized. “I’m quarantined. Feeling really drained. Splitting headache but I’m not in the hospital,” wrote Kelly Price in the caption. “I’m grateful and expecting to have a quick recovery.”

Kelly’s recovery was not quick, however, and it would appear that Kelly Price made a disappearance and not only from social media. Price ended up in the hospital and admitted to the ICU due to worsening conditions. Following her discharge from the hospital, multiple friends and family soon began to declare that they had not seen, or heard from the “Tired” singer.

TMZ reported that a wellness check was performed at the singer’s house in Cobb County, Georgia. Family shared that they had been unaware of her whereabouts for weeks, and began to point the finger at her boyfriend, Terrell Babers. An active investigation went underway to find Kelly Price, as she was listed as a missing person in Cobb County. Shortly after the news of her disappearance broke, her attorney, Monica Ewing, issued a statement to TMZ that Kelly Price was in fact, not missing, but continuing her recovery “at an undisclosed location.”

Ewing’s words did not put many on social media at ease, including Kelly Price’s own sister, Shanrae Price. Shanrae Price called in to online show Larry Reid Live to ask for everyone’s prayers for her sister’s safe return. Price also stated that while the attorney spoke on behalf of Kelly, that was not enough for her. “We don’t know anything until we physically see her,” sister Shanrae Price said. “My sister, you all know her history. My sister is a very visible person.” According to Shanrae, she hadn’t heard from Kelly in months. “This is unlike her,” she added. “No one has heard from her.”

However, Brownstone group member and former R&B Divas: Atlanta star, Nicci Gilbert, also confirmed that she had spoken to Kelly Price. Gilbert claimed in an Instagram post that she had spoken to Kelly Price on the phone and expressed her joy in learning that she was “safe and sound.”

“Kelly will address the public when she is ready,” Gilbert wrote in the caption. During the video clip, however, Nicci Gilbert softly promoted her panel talk show, “She Speaks Live”, where she stated that she would be speaking more extensively on what she’d learned from the situation.

During the show, Nicci Gilbert revealed that she was in contact with Kelly’s daughter, who had expressed concern about her mother. Regarding Kelly Price’s situation and the details that she seemingly wanted to keep private, another one of her friends did not take kindly to Nicci Gilbert’s actions.

Da Brat entered to share her disgust, claiming that Price was in contact with her “true friends” who all knew that she was safe and sound. However, these friends would never use the opportunity to promote their own personal projects. “You do’nt know what’s going on in people’s lives. You let them tell their story when their ready,” Da Brat told Nicci Gilbert. Da Brat was far from finished. In another video , she was joined by her fiancee as they addressed Nicci Gilbert and her statements further insisting, this is not what Nicci wants.

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