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Why Has Teyana Taylor Decided To Leave Music For Good?

Teyana Taylor’s fans are in disarray as it seems she was serious about retirement. The artist concluded 2020 with a message to her fanbase that she had plans to pull out of the music industry. If fans did not believe her before, Teyana Taylor seems to be doubling down with her latest announcement. She’s only 30, but Teyana Taylor has made massive strides in the music industry over the years. At 15-years-old, Pharrell signed her to his Star-Trak imprint. As a matter of fact, Taylor’s debut single “Google Me” became a sensation and still remains a huge viral catchphrase.

In 2007, Teyana Taylor was featured on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” where her birthday party was extremely lavish. Taylor made her grand entrance into the party in true “Black Barbie Doll” fashion. She lived out many girls’ (and many women’s) fantasies when Teyana was carried by a party of fit men as she entered the extravaganza in an enlarged pink Barbie Doll box. From there, Teyana Taylor released a mixtape under Star Trak, From A Planet Called Harlem.

In 2012, her next mixtape would follow titled The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor, which was self-released following her split with Star Trak. Teyana’s artist journey got an even bigger jolt when she signed with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music in 2012. Her debut album, VII, suffered from many delays, but was finally released in November of 2014. The album received highly positive reviews from critics, and despite debuting on Billboard’s Top 200 charts at number 19, was a hit with fans.

Life also would change for Teyana in 2014 when she first met and began to date her now-husband, Iman Shumpert. When they first met at a party, Teyana shared that she was not at all into him. In a sit-down interview with Wendy Williams on her daytime talk show, the singer spoke on their relationship journey. The pair would eventually wind up being close friends, even working together before their romance began to sprout. Eventually, their relationship grew stronger with Iman popping the question to his future wife and mother of his children.

In 2015, Teyana became a first-time mother, welcoming the couple’s first child with the assistance of Iman. They would finally commit to marriage a year later, although in secret and in a strange, yet very sentimental location. “We got married in the bathroom where our baby was born,” Teyana Taylor said to Wendy Williams. “So, we just wanted it for good luck before we did the big wedding.”

A new marriage, being a new mother, and raising a family was not at all enough to slow Teyana Taylor down, however. The singer appeared in a few movies and television shows and would begin to work on the follow-up to her debut album. Keep That Same Energy (K.T.S.E.) surfaced in 2018 to positive reviews from fans who long-awaited more music from Teyana. She was not as enthusiastic due to what she described as the album being released in an incomplete state.

Teyana expressed in an interview with radio personality Big Boy that she was unaware of the album’s release. The album that was released to the public lacked intended samples on certain songs, and issues with clearances prohibited the album from its fullest potential according to Teyana Taylor. “If I would’ve really done what I wanted to do with the album, y’all wouldn’t have had it,” she said in her conversation with Big Boy. She went on to share that the album would experience updates over time, but those plans were eventually canceled.

Her third album, aptly titled The Album, was released in the Summer of 2020 to warm reception from fans, once again. It became her highest-charting album to date. But unbeknownst to fans, this would be her last. Teyana Taylor made the shocking announcement in December via Instagram that she would be retiring from music. The reason being that she felt “underappreciated” by the G.O.O.D. Music label and simply, Teyana was tired of it.

Over time, fans have begged Teyana Taylor to reconsider her decision of retiring. This would seemingly fall on deaf ears as the singer just announced her next, and final tour which kicks off November 7th and ends November 30th. “Come out and watch me, leave it all out on the stage… One last time… Just for you & as my last rose petal falls, I say farewell,” captioned Teyana. Do you want to see Teyana Taylor go? Check below for the tour’s dates.

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