Will Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey Marriage Make It To Year Two?

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill just celebrated their wedding anniversary. The newlyweds have been together for a few years now, but finally tied the knot during the pandemic. As with any couple started on television, their relationship has had its share of bumps in the road that they’ve had to manage publicly. Both Hill and Cynthia recently caught up with Behind the Velvet Rope for separate interviews to discuss their marriage and some of the obstacles they’ve had to navigate in their love. 

Mike spoke candidly in the interview about his book Open Mike and how much he values transparency. As a result, he tried not to hide much and be really frank with people who follow him and his career. He says the biggest payoff has been getting letters back from fans saying that his testimony has inspired and motivated them. 

During the chat, he kept it 100% on his marriage as well, letting the host know that despite their attempts, he and Cynthia did not necessarily have the best anniversary. According to him, the pair stayed at a hotel in West Hollywood for three days. While their anniversary day was wonderful, he says they fought so much on the following day that he began to wonder if they would make it through their second year of marriage.

This shocking confession got everyone talking. So much so that he had to address it on his Instagram. In a lengthy post from February 1st, he let fans know that just because he is honest does not give people the right to spin his truth. He feels it is wrong to take advantage of people like himself who are trying to lead with authenticity and transparency. He also says that he understands blogs need to spin stories for clicks but did not like how they painted his marriage to look like it is in turmoil. 

“One of the things I love about my & @cynthiabailey’s relationship is that we ain’t gonna sugar coat. We ain’t gonna tell you all our business but we ain’t about to pretend it’s perfect. We’re just perfect for each other. We fight like any other couple but like you’ll hear in the clip, what we have is worth fighting for.”

Determined to keep the discussion positive and light, he shared a funny picture of him and Cynthia looking shocked, followed by a headline that read “Mike Hill Admits Marriage to Cynthia Bailey is Falling Apart and Talks Divorce.” Hill was so determined to get his message across he posted the clip twice with a second caption reading, “Here’s the entirety of what was said. Important because the message was intended to be positive. So let’s give attention to that instead of something some tried to make negative.”

Fans applauded them in the comments and supported the couple. Many thanked them for bringing such honesty to relationships and letting their supporters know that it is not always going to be fun. One person commented, “there will always be people looking for the negative in everything. Thanks for keeping it real. Marriage is a lot of hard work, and like, you rightly said, with lots of trials and tribulations. 🙌”

Mike and Cynthia met on an episode of The Steve Harvey Talk Show back in 2018. Cynthia, who has had her share of heartbreaks on our small screens, including a messy divorce, took to the show to give Steve a chance to match her with the right guy. According to Bailey, Mike was not her initial choice, but she gave him a shot at the persistence of Harvey. Harvey was right, and Cynthia and Mike hit it off and fell in love very quickly. 

As he assimilated into her world of Real Housewives and television messiness, the drama soon followed. The couple was the subject of a cheating scandal early on, with a woman claiming that she had exchanged pictures with Hill on Snapchat. TMZ caught up with Mike and Cynthia while arriving at LAX, and the pair seemed to be on the same page that these rumors were false. He also dismissed these claims online, letting people know that the woman is lying and any photographs she claims to have are not of him. 

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