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Will The Wendy Williams Show Remain Or Will It Become The Sherri Shepherd Show?

Contradicting reports have hit the net this week regarding the status of the Wendy Williams show and how production is planning on proceeding in William’s absence. It has been a tricky last couple of months for the series and its production team, who have been trying to respect Williams and her fans while still keeping things moving and filling her seat with an arraying of different hosts. Well, one host, in particular, is rumored to be brought on indefinitely, and no one is quite sure how Wendy feels about it.

Wendy Williams was last seen on her talk show in July of 2021. Last fall, ahead of her season 13 debut, it was reported that Williams began having complications due to her ongoing fight with graves disease. This was made even worst due to her getting COVID 19.

Production began pushing back their return date in hopes that Williams would get better in time. Meanwhile, rumors that she had become incapacitated and could possibly be wheelchair-ridden began to circulate. Others reported that Williams had relapsed and may have been abusing drugs and alcohol. This would have been a result of her trying to cope with her recent divorce, the death of her mother, and public embarrassment surrounding ex-husband Kevin Hunter fathering a child behind her back with his mistress.

Whatever the reason for her absence, it’s obvious Williams is in the midst of some of her worst years to date. To make matters even more troubling, she stands to lose her show completely if recent reports are anything to go by. Williams is currently in a fight to regain access to her finances but could also be fighting to regain access to her show.

Sherri Shepard is one of several television personalities who have stepped up in William’s absence to host her show. Shephard has become a fan favorite and brought back several times for weeks to really good reviews. So good that it is rumored she will be brought on as a “permanent” guest host and may take over the show completely this fall.

Williams is really upset about this, some are saying, as she did not approve of Sherri taking over. She is said to be “jealous” of her successor and will not give Shephard her blessing. Production has been very cautious not to alert William’s loyal fan base of her disapproval and has been trying to tip-toe around the fact that Sherri will be taking over full time. Its reported that they are putting a plan together to help Sherri win over Williams fans in the next few months and aid in transitioning the program to The Sherri Shephard Show.

However, despite various reporting, no one has heard from Wendy Williams herself until today. The Talk show host was spotted on the beach when she was asked ‘What she’s been up to?” The host made it clear that she’s getting back stronger and that her health issues are not unusual for anyone around the age of 56. “At 56 years old, there are things that happen to people. I would say things usually start about 40, and they go up from there, so you gotta eat the right food. ” Wendy Williams ended the conversation stating she wants to be all she can be and get back to New York and the Wendy Williams show.

Seeing Wendy Williams on video was very exciting for many fans who realized how much they’ve missed the talk show host. If there’s anything to take from Wendy’s latest video, fans can be certain the Talk show host will not go out without a fight. While Wendy continues to get better, Sherri Shepherd will continue as permanent guest host. Only time will tell if Wendy will return the purple chair.

John Davidson
John Davidson
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