Working four days a week, three days off in India!

In India, employees are going to work three days a week and get three days paid leave. The draft proposal has already been prepared by the country’s Union Ministry of Labor and Employment. It could take effect in the next few weeks, local media reported.

India’s new Labor and Employment Secretary Apurba Chandra announced the new labor rules on Monday. He said the new rules would allow weekly working days to be reduced to five days. In that case daily working hours will increase. Because there is no change in the working hours of 48 hours a week. In other words, if there are four working days in a week, the workers have to work 12 hours daily. In contrast, the companies will be forced to give them paid leave three days a week.

The draft proposal for the new rules is in the final stages. According to the Indian Labor and Employment Secretary, in addition to reducing the number of weekly working days, the proposal also calls for free health check-ups for workers. In this case, the companies will provide free health check-up to the employees with the help of state health insurance.

Of course, the introduction of this new rule is not mandatory. The new rules can only be effective if both employees and the organization want it. If you want, the working day can be done for five or six days instead of four days. In that case daily work time will be reduced.

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