Xscape Members Feuding Days After Receiving Soul Train’s ‘Lady Of Soul’ Award

R&B girl group Xscape has always been destined for reality television success. The group has just always thrived on drama, and their resurgence in the last decade has certainly been anything but smooth. The group has utilized this to help boost song streams, sell tickets and promote television shows. Recent drama is spilling over into social media in a big way that has people calling it all “messy.”

Xscape initially split in the ’90s after mounting pressure on the ladies drove a wedge between them. Since then, Tiny and Kandi have gone on to find success as songwriters and tv stars, while sisters Latocha and Tamika have floated in and out of the spotlight. Tiny and Kandi’s continued visibility left the door open for the group to reunite, and they have, but they continue to fluctuate between 3 and 4 members whenever there is some drama or conflicting interest.

Kandi famously sat out the group’s last batch of releases, opting instead to go do broadway. She has since returned to the group, and they are on a series of tour dates, this time without Latocha. Fans speculated there might be drama after not seeing Latocha on flyers, with insiders alleging that her husband/manager had an issue with the booking agent and pulled her from the dates.

The ladies tried to squash any drama, stating that Latocha simply did not want to tour at the moment but would be joining them for the Soul Train Awards, where they would be honored. Unfortunately, Latocha showed up to the red carpet with a conflicting look from the other three, making it clear that drama is still very real and prevalent within the group. Latocha tried to laugh it off in a post, telling fans, “sorry I didn’t get the memo, but everyone still looked amazing.”

Kandi jumped in the comments and defended herself and the rest of the group, revealing that Latocha opted for her own stylist and has been consciously distancing herself from the group. Addressing her bandmate directly Kandi states, “@iamlatocha the only thing for people to know is that you chose to have a separate stylist from the rest of the group. You choose to separate yourself, do not blame us for that . Stop continuing to put out false narratives.” Latocha’s stylist posted a screenshot of their exchange revealing there was no theme given and the prompt was just “glamorous and long.”

Latocha Scott later reacted to Kandi’s claim again, sharing an image of her band mates without her captioned, ‘The Supremes.” The songstress stated, “They were just the Supremes a week ago, I guess I knew about this too huh.”

Now Latocha Scott’s sister, Tameka Scott is responding to the drama and in a surprising turn of events she’s siding with Kandi and Tiny. The singer claims she loves her sister and has backed her for years (right and wrong) but she’s no longer willing to make the wrong decisions for anyone. “It comes a time when you mature and have to make the right decisions. God is watching and I’m not disappointing him for NOBODY, ” she wrote.

Latocha Scott has not responded to her sister at the moment, but has spent the day posting subliminal messages regarding the group drama.

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