Xscape’s Latocha Scott Reveals She Going Solo In Resurfaced Video, But What Happened To Her Solo Career?

It looks like Xscape will be short one group member again following the group’s controversial appearance at this year’s Soul Train Music Awards. After Xscape’s red carpet appearance went viral fans began digging up old content of the group’s troubled history. In one clip, Kandi and Tiny revealed what happened the moment Latocha Scott decided she wanted to go solo.

Since the late 90s, Xscape has struggled to maintain all original members, which started when Latocha Scott decided she wanted to go solo in 1997. According to Kandi, Latocha Scott first revealed she’d be going solo right before Xscape began to record their third album, ‘Traces Of My Lipstick’. While making her announcement, Latocha told both Tiny and her sister, Tamika they can go have more kids, while Kandi should focus on her modeling thing or whatever she does in a resurfaced video.

Latocha’s first glimpse of becoming a solo star would happen on NFL Jamz in 1998 with a song called “Promises”. Not long after, Latocha Scott released another single called “Liar Liar’ which appeared on The Best Man soundtrack in 1999. In 2000, Latocha signed with Sony Urban to release her debut album. Unfortunately, the album never saw the light of day due to label conflicts. Latocha Scott eventually left the label in 2001. 

In 2002, Latocha Scott collaborated on Trick Daddy’s Thug Holiday, the second single from Trick Daddy’s ‘Thug Holiday’ album. The song peaked at number 87 on Billboard Hot 100 and 24 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs. Following the success of Thug Holiday, LaTocha released her debut album, ‘Solo Flight 404’ on October 13, 2003, with the lead single ‘Still Ghetto.’ Unfortunately, the singer could not secure major distribution, so the album was released on her label, ‘Golden Girl Ent’. Unfortunately, neither the album nor the single charted. 

After an unsuccessful attempt at her solo career, Latocha Scott returned to Xscape, along with her sister, Tamika Scott, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, and new member Kiesha Miles without Kandi Burruss. The revamped version of Xscape released one single titled, ‘What’s Up’ in 2005 and was dismantled shortly after. Seven years later, in 2012, the singer would make another attempt at a solo career, releasing her single, ‘Bad Timing.’ Unfortunately, the song was not met with much reception, leading the singer to join another group of women in 2013 when she joined R&B Divas for season three. During her time on the show, Latocha gave fans a look into her life as a wife and mother. However, she would not return to the franchise for season three. 

Finally in 2017, the singer would reunite with the original Xscape members for a television show which followed the group as they prepared to go on tour. Once again, the group’s reunion would be short-lived due to internal conflict. After the initial tour, Kandi declined to return, leaving the group to perform as Xscap3″ Xscap3 went on to release an EP titled “Here for It” in 2018,  Last year, Latocha took another shot at a solo career, releasing a song called, ‘Full-Time Love’ To date, the single has 41,000 streams on Spotify.

Following its release, the singer returned to touring with her original Xscape band members. 

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