Young Buck Filed Bankruptcy In 2020, But How Much Is Young Buck’s Net Worth In 2022?

Rapper Young Buck has seen better days. The former G-Unit star has fallen on hard times in recent years. Buck is currently going through bankruptcy and refusing to turn over royalties paid by ASCAP to help cover the money he owes creditors. According to Buck, he does not have it like he used to and only has about $100 worth of valuables to his name. His net worth has also declined drastically throughout the years.

Born David Darnell Brown, Young Buck rose to fame with 50 Cent and G-Unit in the early 2000s. The hip-hop group scored several hits together like “Stunt 101” and “Wanna Get to Know You.” On his own, he had hit records like “Let Me In” and “Shorty Wanna Ride.” Buck was the southern representation and was meant to carry the G-Unit baton as their youngest member, but he never quite took off. As a matter of fact, Young Buck’s time in G-Unit ended abruptly after releasing a couple of solo albums.

The rapper was kicked out of the group in 2008 but was still signed to G-Unit Records, and by 2011 he was gearing up to lose his assets and stage name in bankruptcy court since he had not made any real money since being dropped from the group but was not being allowed to record. His studio equipment was seized in a raid of his home as well as items belonging to his kids. His legal team was able to get Buck to agree to selling $638,500 worth of real estate to pay down the back taxes he owed.

Buck’s financial issues have been omnipresent ever since, as well as rumors of substance abuse and possible mental illness. He tried orchestrating a beef with 50 Cent geared toward staging his comeback that fell through. He was also arrested several times throughout the years. Most recently was due to a domestic issue involving his girlfriend. Young Buck claimed he was broke and living with his girlfriend.

Young Buck filed for bankruptcy yet again in January of 2020. At the time, Young Buck claimed to only make about $4k a month with about $1400 in monthly bills. According to Radar Online, “he had assets totaling $5,761 with liabilities totaling $48,316.20 His biggest debt was $45,766.20 owed in back child support. He also owed $1,250 in taxes and other debts. Buck also listed 50 Cent as a possible creditor.” At the time, Buck claimed to have no car and only about $100’s worth of valuables. Buck was appointed someone to help with his finances, but now it is being revealed that he might be withholding money since he has not handed over his statements from ASCAP, a company used to collect royalties for songwriters.

Over on his social media, Buck seems to be living very well, which might have also tipped off the courts to him not being upfront about his income. Complex pointed out how he’s been flaunting a bit too much. He posed up in an expensive fur coat with a dog seated on his lap. He’s also seen modeling expensive clothes and wearing jewelry in other shots while posing in front of expensive cars. Buck has maintained that his financial issues and reduction in net worth are 50 Cent’s fault because his former label head stopped him from making money.

The rapper currently has a net worth of $100,000 in 2022, according to Wealthy Genius.

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