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TK Kirkland Slams Celebs Needing GoFundMe To Have Funerals: Your Bad Planning Shouldn’t Be My Emergency

The family of AJ Johnson has reason to rejoice this week as they’ve managed to raise well over the $20k in donations they had asked for on GoFundMe to help with his funeral expenses. It was not an easy journey for them. Despite the initial outpouring of love from his friends and fans, not a lot of people actually reached out to help his widow and their kids. Well, TK Kirkland thinks it is time for donation culture to meet reality and feels that other people’s emergencies should not be his.

AJ Johnson’s wife took to social media late last week to slam those giving her and her family “fake love.” His widow took to social media to make it known that while a lot of people reached out, very few actually opened up their wallets and purses. While she maintained that she did not need the help and that she would figure it out, she advised supporters to stop reaching out unless they had planned on helping. Michael Blackson decided to put his money where his mouth was and helped match the fan donations at that time, which were around the 10k mark. He, too, decided to add 10k to the GoFundMe, a move that quickly mobilized everyone else. At the time of writing, AJ Johnson’s family has over $50000 to help bury him and cover any expenses his family may have.

TK Kirkland recently sat down with VladTV and had mostly nice things to say about AJ Johnson. He recalled how Johnson got his start heckling other comedians back in the day. He also gave some sage advice to those out pursuing fame and fortune.

“If you get that 15mins of fame, don’t let fame take you out the lane of being responsible, being accountable for your life because it’s all make-believe. At the end of the day, you are a man and a woman. you got to handle responsibility.” He goes on to say that quite often, people buy into the dream of success and forget that they are still human and still need to take care of themselves. He feels people lose sight of the simple things, and often it hurts them because they failed to prepare.

He says for years; he’s been preaching about life insurance. “If you can’t get life insurance, get burial insurance.” He tells other celebrities not to put their family in a position to ask for handouts, calling it embarrassing. “Your bad planning should not be my emergency.” He tells people that there are grants in your local communities that can help with burial and life insurance. “There are opportunities out here for everybody to get things done.” He goes on to give information about organizations in LA County that help people bury their loved ones.

John Davidson
John Davidson
John Davidson is a California native who enjoys hip hop music, skiing and traveling international. Davidson graduated from USC majoring in Journalism.


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