Yung Miami Attends TakeOff’s Homegoing Service, Gets Called Out After Posting Photoshoot

TakeOff’s funeral is still the topic of conversation as fans continue to mourn and pay their respects to the fallen star. The star-studded event was a true testament to his influence and reach, with everyone from Drake to Justin Bieber, Chloe Bailey, and more in attendance. A true Atlanta icon, it was only right for the city to show out for their boy. The town is known for its luxury and opulence, something very apparent in the attire of Atlanta women. In the age of social media, everything can skew a bit over the top and risque, and some attendees got called out for showing up too sexy.

Migos are the poster boys for trap, hip-hop, and its crossover into pop music. The boys brought the spirit of Atlanta with them everywhere they went, rocking big chains, fancy clothes and being surrounded by gorgeous women all the time. Offset is married to one of the most successful women in rap music, Cardi B, who is a trailblazer for empowering women to be whoever they want to be. Quavo dated Saweetie, who did much of the same. Takeoff also enjoyed the company of women, including Dreamdoll, Heather Rose, and Rubi Rose.

Surrounded by this kind of energy, it’s not a surprise that the women showed up to TakeOff’s homegoing, sporting some high fashion to pay their respects. Were they too revealing, however? R&B Singer Monica came under fire last year for a similar situation. The singer attended Atlanta businessman Larry Paige’s Homegoing service and held a photoshoot immediately after. Despite dedicating her post to the businessman and wearing his favorite color black – fans were confused and wondering if the singer was attending a funeral or photoshoot. However, following Takeoff’s memorial service people are now comparing Yung Miami’s clothing choice and photoshoot to R&B singer, Monica.

Yung Miami got some heat for her choice of clothing, showing up in an all-black outfit with a really short skirt, a seethrough top, an oversized leather jacket, and knee-high boots. She paired it with glasses and a short, bleached blond wig. She shared the clip with a quote from Glorilla’s record “Tomorrow 2,” saying, “Everyday the sun won’t shine, but that’s why I love tomorrow 🚀🤍” the rocket emoji is a clear sign of respect for TakeOff.

People immediately took issue with her out, and also with the fact that she did a photoshoot to show off her look. “Lil Mama u talkn bout ppl sick asf videoing the [service] Guhl bye…but u doing a photoshoot in yo funeral clothes talk abt clout chasin that would be u…take this ish down,” said one person in her comments section. Another person said, “We know you’re not the brightest but posting a funeral fit for likes…. doesn’t get more tacky than this.”

Over on Twitter, people continued to roast Caresha, with one simply responding, “No decorum.” Not everyone thought it was in poor taste; one defended her, saying, “These comments are jokes, So nobody takes pics or videos at a funeral or on the day?? Lookin for a reason to be mad when there ain’t one you just hate that there levels to it.” Photos of other women present showed that most stuck to all-black outfits and kept it pretty modest, even if things were still form-fitting. Chloe was covered from head to toe in pictures of her leaving the venue, while the only photo of Cardi B shows her in an old Hollywood style wig with a sleek black dress covering her arms and shoulders.

From his outfit, it appears Gucci shot his “Letter to TakeOff” video the same day. The rapper did a full video paying homage to his friend walking through a church and cemetery in his all-black funeral ensemble. “So many ppl try to capitalize off of death,” commented one person. Overall, people think that the focus should have been solely and TakeOff and his family and not trying to show off their looks or shoot videos.

Gucci Mane’s wife, Keyshia Ka’oir Davis, did a similar style post to Yung Miami. The pregnant influencer showed off her album in several “shoots” for her IG. The tight black dress hugged her belly and showed off some thighs. She posed in several images and even shared pictures from the program. “Are you at a fashion show or a funeral ???” asked one person. Another person said, “Yall Don’t care bout takeofff. U care bout’ likes.'”

Following the backlash, Yung Miami took to social media to defend her choice to take photos following the funeral. The City Girl rap insisted she was at the funeral to show love to Takeoff and what she does following the service is no ones business. Despite the backlash the rapper refused to apologize. See the rapper’s pics below.

What do you think about Yung Miami and Keyshia Ka’oir’s outfits? Let us know.

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