Yung Miami To Continue Dating Diddy Following News Of His Two-Month Old Baby

Yung Miami is trending following news of Diddy’s new baby. Earlier today, the producer announced he’s the father of a two-month-old baby girl named Love Sean Combs. The news came as a shock to many who had no clue the producer was expecting another child. While the mother’s name has not been released, it’s Yung Miami who’s receiving the most attention. Yung Miami and Diddy started dating back in 2021. Despite the two making it clear they are only dating, many fans wonder if the City Girl rapper will continue to ‘stick by his side’ and accept the baby. 

Yung Miami has often been judged by fans who believe she’s wasting her time dating diddy. Fans trolled Yung Miami during the BET Awards when she held up a ‘Go Papi’ sign supporting Diddy as the media mogul performed and received BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award. During his speech, Diddy shared a heartfelt tribute to the mother of his children, Kim Porter, who passed away years ago. “I just miss Kim, y’all,” Diddy emotionally stated. Fans took to social media to troll Yung Miami after noticing her name was not mentioned in Diddy’s speech. 

Earlier this year, Yung Miami and Diddy’s other girlfriend, Gina Hunyh got into an explosive feud on social media following the Billboard Music Awards. Gina took to social media to give Diddy a shout out for hosting the BBMA. However, Diddy and Yung Miami partied the night away, which prompted Gina to share an image of Diddy kissing her on the cheek. Naturally, the trolling didn’t sit well with Yung Miami. The City Girl rapper let off a string of tweets making it clear she is NOT leaving Diddy, no matter how many pictures Gina posts.

Now today, Diddy announced he has a two-month old baby girl who was born in October. The producer did not release any information relating to the mother. However, fans once again took to social media to flood Yung Miami’s page with insults and questions relating to the baby. Yung Miami shared a snippet of Diddy’s new video with Rick Ross. In the comments section, fans began trolling the female rapper for promoting his music despite the baby news. “You knew about Love Sean Combs or you found out like the rest of us? Real bad.” one fan asked while another stated,

One fan went as far as speculating the baby could be Yung Miami’s “Plot twist him and her decided to have a baby via surrogate and y’all out here dragging the girl…. I’m not saying that’s wat happened but y’all need to chill tf out pples bizniz” Following the news, Yung Miami’s real name, “Caresha,” began trending on Twitter with nearly 4,000 tweets. Most of the tweets are funny reactions from fans speculating how the City Girl is reacting to the news. Despite public opinion, it appears Yung Miami is planning to stick by Diddy’s side regardless of the baby.

The rapper responded to the news with an image of a woman and man who went viral earlier this year after the woman defended her husband. In the video, the woman confronts her neighbors for being rude and laughing at her husband. According to the woman, her husband cried all night because they were laughing at him. The woman stepped into her neighbor’s yard and all hell broke loose. We can’t share the video here, but you can check it on twitter.

Congrats to Diddy on the birth of his seventh child. Yung Miami also has a daughter of her own.

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