Zonnique Calls Out Blogs and Fans Criticizing Her For Refusing To Spoil Daughter

Zonnique defended herself earlier today after social media users tried to accuse her of being mean to her daughter. The young mom is always outspoken and was ready to correct fans who felt she was out of line for calling her baby a “nobody” during an IG live from a couple of weeks ago. Zonnique is one of many celebrities criticized for their parenting. Let’s get into her response and see what other parents have come under fire in the past.

“The Mix” host was showing off her daughter’s collection of toys to fans before letting them know that baby Hunter will be getting no new additions for her birthday. Her reasoning; the one-year-old has a lot already and does not need to be showered with gifts just because she’s got famous grandparents. “She ain’t nobody,” Nique said in the video. People did not like this and immediately jumped in her comments saying she was mean to her baby.

Zonnique decided to defend herself today and clarify what she said. While she states that she meant her daughter is not a celebrity, she joked that she just might be famous if everyone is talking about her. “Obviously she is because the streets can’t stop talking about her.” Furthermore, Zonnique confirms that her daughter is, in fact, spoiled and gets whatever she wants from both her mom and her grandparents. “I was joking. Obviously she’s spoiled already!” she told her followers. She goes on to say that baby Hunter is “clothes’d up” and “toys’d up.”

While Zonnique got flack for not wanting to spoil her child, Cardi B frequently gets hate for the opposite. The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker is not shy about how much she likes to spend on her baby Kulture Kiari. Last year for her 3rd birthday, Cardi threw Kulture a princess-themed event complete with a horse-drawn carriage, seafood towers, and Elsa from Frozen. Daddy Offset even gifted his baby girl a $250,000 Richard Mille watch. While many showered Kulture with happy birthdays and well wishes, others felt Cardi was going over the top.

Over on Twitter, people let Cardi have it saying, “They are so materialistic it’s insane…. What 3 year old actually gives AF about this. where the toys !? Anything to impress the masses I guess.” Another user said, “At this age stuff like this Is only for the vanity of the parents because the child isn’t old enough to appreciate these things or understand. Who cares about these two? Congrats you’re rich.”

Cardi is never one to stay quiet and chimed in on the discussion defending herself. “When your kid wants ice cream for dinner do you give them ice cream for dinner? My baby is overly spoiled with toys & super educated. If mommy & daddy fly then so is my kids. [How] I look like being fly and my kid not.” Cardi has also expressed her desire to live out her childhood dreams through Kulture.

TheRichest.com compiled a list of celebrities famous for spoiling their kids. Jennifer Lopez, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, and Jay Z all joined the list. Queen Bey famously gifted Blue Ivy an $80,000 Barbie for her first birthday. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott own a Fendi Stroller which was reported as being worth $12,500 for daughter Stormi. And of course DJ Khaled knows no expense when it comes to spoiling his sons Ashad and Aalam. Over on the list of parents determined to keep their kids humble? Sarah Jessica Parker, Posh Spice, and Mila Kunis, amongst others.

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