Zonnique Criticized For Humbling Daughter: “She Ain’t Nobody”

Zonnique Pullins is a 25-year-old singer, reality television star, and social media personality. The daughter of Tiny Harris and stepdaughter of T.I, Zonnique has been in the spotlight since very young. She grew up before everyone’s eyes and made us feel a little older when she welcomed her first child in 2020. Zonnique welcomed a baby girl named Hunter Zoelle with rapper Israel “Bandhunta Izzy” James. Baby Hunter is celebrating her first birthday, but not without a bit of drama. Zonnique is currently being criticized for “humbling” her baby during an IG live.

Back in August of 2020, Zonnique surprised T.I with an on-air announcement of her pregnancy during an episode of The Mix. Co-host Jamie DuBose said that someone on the panel had a “secret” before revealing a sonogram photo to the group. While everyone immediately assumed it belonged to Romeo Miller, a dumbfounded T.I began to stutter when asked who he believed it belonged to. He found his confidence, however, and proclaimed the photo had to belong to anyone but Nique.

An overzealous Romeo congratulated him on the news while a shy Zonnique confirmed that it was indeed her expecting. Zonnique has kept it real since having her baby girl, being transparent in interviews and discussing the joys and struggles of motherhood. nDuring an ET interview last fall with Deidre Behar, Zonnique opened up about the new chapter in her journey, saying she was enjoying “tapping into mom life” while continuing to work and not lose sight of herself. She said she loved being a mom and was taking it day by day, appreciating the help she gets from family and the days off she’s allotted every now and then. “It takes a whole village,” she told Behar.

When asked about her most stressful experience to-date as a new mom, Zonnique recalls trying to change her baby in a bathroom with no changing station while a fan waited nearby for a picture. A flustered Zonnique asked her to wait and eventually took so long the fan gave up and left.

The end of 2021 brought with it Hunter’s first birthday. Zonnique celebrated her baby with a beautiful photoshoot of Hunter posing it up with flowers and a little outfit. In the caption, Nique said, “My baby is turning 1 in 13 days, brb going to cry my eyes out! Thank you @weelovephotography for capturing my baby as a baby..obviously, I’ve been holding on to these for my own good lol.”

On Hunter’s actual birthday, Zonnique posted more snaps of her baby posing it up with the caption, “Happy 1st Birthday to my forever! My reason! My Bratz doll! My whole WORLD! You gave me the name mommy and I will always protect you for doing just that! I love you Hunter Zoelle.”

Despite her evident love of motherhood and multiple displays of affection towards Hunter, people still found some negative in a throwaway comment Zonnique made during an Instagram live. In it, the young mom showed off her daughter’s toys before shutting down the idea that she would be getting anymore anytime soon. According to Zonnique, just because Hunter has famous grandparents does not mean she can have an excessive amount of toys. She sarcastically stated, “she ain’t nobody,” before stressing that so many others do just fine with less.

People did not like this attitude and began coming at Zonnique. Over on Twitter, one user said, “It’s the fact Zonnique told her daughter she nothing and she don’t need to think she somebody because she TI and Tiny grandchild.. I wish tf I would. Pop yo [stuff], sis. Let them know who you are.” Another chimed in, saying “The way zonnique talked about her daughter was very much weird . The toy thing I get it bc my kids like that too but that was weird.” Others have come to Zonnique’s defense, saying she has ever right to not want to spoil her baby. “Folks really mad at Zonnique b/c she said she’s not spoiling HER daughter & she have a basket of toys she let her play w/!”

While many felt she was being too negative towards the child, some did understand where she was coming from, defending her right as a mother to not want to spoil her baby. “If y’all want Zonnique’s daughter to have toys so bad, buy them!!!!” said one supporter. Do you think Zonnique was out of line?

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