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Zonnique Reveals She Sucks At Being An Adult, Missed Mortgage Payments & Had Her Water Cut Off: “I Thought Everything Was On Autopay”

Tiny’s daughter Zonnique Pullins is definitely all grown up and learning what it takes to be an adult. Not only must one change their childish ways, but they must also take care of their many responsibilities as adults. Zonnique’s entitlement growing up in an entertainer’s household has its perks, but it may have its disadvantages. Perhaps she’s used to things being done for her, but now that she’s on her own, Zonnique is learning that being irresponsible has its consequences.

25-year-old Zonnique definitely has a lot on her plate. She currently is one of the hosts of Fox Soul’s “gen-Z talk show” The Mix alongside faces such as Romeo Miller and others. The former OMG Girlz member is also a new mother to a daughter, Hunter Zoelle James, born in December of 2020. On top of that, Zonnique is also a recording artist working on the release of a few projects.

But with all that she’s got going on, Zonnique admits that she tends to be quite forgetful. Case in point, during a recent Instagram Live session, she admitted to not paying many of her bills on time. Because of that, she’s had utilities cut off.

Zonnique tells the story of a time when a so-called fan misled her into believing they would have a great exchange on social media until the girl began to insult her. The young talk show host expressed that she wished she was able to retaliate but the girl had been sitting in darkness. It was then that Zonnique trickled into admitting that she shared a similar situation to the girl.

“My lights ain’t never been off, but my water has,” confessed Zonnique. “Yep. I be missing the bills.” According to Zonnique, it’s a normal occurrence for her. With all of the responsibilities that come with being an adult, Zonnique claims this is why she is unable to keep up.

“I suck at being an adult,” she added. “I’m tired of this s**t. For real.” She says that her missing bills are not even half of the things that she sucks at doing, which she says is embarrassing. As far as bill payments though, she says it’s more than just the water bill that she’s been delinquent with. This also has left her grandmother afraid for her as an independent woman.

Zonnique then explains that she also misses mortgage payments because she thought it had been on autopay. She admits that she was the one who was left in control of her finances, but she spent time and energy on other frivolous things. Soon enough, bill collecters would begin to call and hound her for their money, but she would always ignore the unknown calls thinking they were likely to be scams.

But now that she’s a mother, Zonnique has likely gotten her life together. She credits her daughter for the motivation to get things in order, including setting everything up on autopay. Check out Zonnique’s confession below.

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John Davidson
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