Zonnique Shuts Down Questions About Marrying Her Baby Father

Nosey people are not Zonnique Pullins’s bag. Currently, Pullins is juggling multiple responsibilities. She’s not only one of the Fox Soul millennial Gen Z talk show hosts, The Mix, and actively working on her music career; Zonnique is also a new mother. So, if you think Zonnique is ready to add becoming a wife to “the mix,” think again.

If you recall, Zonnique first shared that she and boyfriend Israel “Bandhunta Izzy” James, whom she began to date in 2018, were expecting their first child together in 2020. The daughter of Xscape singer Tiny Harris and stepdaughter to rapper T.I. have battled pregnancy rumors for years. But she revealed the news to the world, her co-hosts, and her stepfather during an August episode of The Mix.

The former Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta reality star also shed light on her supportive boyfriend during the pregnancy. While talking to PEOPLE, Zonnique expressed her initial sadness upon finding out that she was with child, but that rapper Bandhunta Izzy was” really excited from the jump.” The Baltimore-born rapper was right by Zonnique’s side throughout her pregnancy. However, due to worldwide concerns surrounding COVID-19 and the resulting pandemic, Bandhunta Izzy could not accompany her to doctors’ appointments.

The couple was blessed with the birth of a healthy baby girl whom they named Hunter Zoelle James on December 15, 2020. While Hunter is the first child for Zonnique, it is Bandhunta’s third child as he has two from previous relationships. Almost immediately in the wake of Hunter’s birth, fans expressed their desire for the couple to enter into marriage. Judging from how the cards are laid, it would appear that marriage could make sense for Zonnique Pullins and Israel James.

The “Just Don’t Stop” rapper already has the approval of both of Zonnique’s parents. Rapper T.I. praised Bandhunta Izzy for being a “respectable young man” on his podcast, ExpediTIously. Describing him as a “cool cat,” the “Pardon” rapper also revealed that he did an extensive background search on James and the results came back “without a tarnish.” Due to his findings, T.I. expressed that he does not have “anything negative to say about him.”

The relationship between Zonnique and Bandhunta Izzy also seemingly remains strong. During an interview with E.T. Online, Pullins extolled her partner’s parenting skills and expressed her love for James. But although Zonnique shares a deep love for her boyfriend, marriage can wait. Admittedly, the singer spoke that she would not be “opposed” to marriage” if that comes.” But, at the same time, she indicates her inability to maintain a relationship. “Hunter is my forever. I can be with her forever,” stated Zonnique. “But marriage is scary to me.”

In another interview with HollywoodLife.com, Zonnique further expressed her reservations about being married. Currently 25-years-old, Pullins believes that she is too young and that marriage is an “even bigger commitment” that she is not ready for. However, Pullins also revealed everyone else’s excitement at the prospect of the couple being married, including her boyfriend.

According to Zonnique, Bandhunta Izzy is “way more into” them being married than she is. Supporting his desire to take their relationship to the next level is her mom, Tiny. Zonnique shared that Tiny Harris consistently expresses that she should “take him up on his offer.” However, Zonnique did admit that years “down the line,” marriage could be a possibility.

Fans knowledgeable of the couple’s affairs have been generally supportive, but some have insisted they elevate their relationship. One fan commented on Tiny Harris’s social media that Zonnique should be “taught” to be a wife and not a baby momma. But, in true Tiny fashion, the singer responded in defense of her daughter. Stating the fact that she was unmarried when she gave birth to Zonnique, Tiny shared that her daughter will be just fine “if she don’t have a husband.”

Zonnique and Bandhunta Izzy remain together and have dodged marriage questions for some time now. Their daughter, Hunter, is now a one-year-old, and the family seems to be thriving without worry. However, it appears that some fans are ready to bring the topic of marriage up once again. During a recent Instagram Live conversation, a fan asked if perhaps her views on being married in the future have changed. Due to Zonnique’s response, we can safely assume that her fans might not ask about marriage again. “Y’all know not to ask me no s**t like that,” she said.

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